Tel: 204-783-3064

Winnipeg, MB



**Thankyou for an amazing summer of Markets! **

City Place Every 2nd Thursday 10AM-3PM

October 11, 25

November 8, 22

December 6, 20

Please Note: All of our bread made with Organic and Local Flours, is hand shaped, and is completely naturally leavened (no commercial yeast) using a basic recipe of just Flour, Water, and Sea Salt fermented for 18+ hours which increases flavour, digestibility, and access to nutrients. 

Regular Market Breads:

Basic $6

Seedy Sprouted Buckwheat $6 (Buckwheat & Wheat Flours, Buckwheat Groats, Sunflower, Flax & Pumpkin Seeds) 

Prairie Sun $7 (Wheat, Spelt & Rye Flour, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds, Quinoa & Oats)