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CORA WIENS - Bakery Top

I have never more fully trusted a process. Eadha started in my home kitchen in 2016 when my desire for freedom and meaning in my work became stronger than my need to hold on to reliable income. From the first loaf - Eadha has been rooted in an embodied understanding that when people feel connected - we listen and learn more deeply, our capacity for healthy change grows, and we take better care of each other. When you know the person who made your bread - you appreciate their labour more. When the baker is intentional with their flour and their dough - the bread tastes better. When food prices reflect living wages for farm labourers - there is more space to care for the land. When we are honest about the reality that this land was violently stolen - we pay reparations, uplift Indigenous voices, and return the land. I am grateful to live around the corner from the bakery with a couple sweet cats. I am a simple baker, topping life.


"How long will you remain captive

in the prison of the self?

Break the ego's cage

if you are artful enough!

Why boast of your intellect, which

in a lifetime yields nothing?

Cling to love, for it alone bears

worthwhile fruit!

Without love, there would be no trace

of this world's existence.

All existence, whether verdant or barren, is manifest

through love's intervention.

This self you rely on is

but a veil;

remove the veil of your self

and you will see the Other."



Karo’s life tragedies include being a quadruple cancer (zodiac style) and a persistently sleep deprived person. In her time she has enjoyed travelling around parts of the world via her rucksack and her books as well as the cinema. She has happily and mostly put aside the former to reside in Winnipeg and work at Eadha. Winnipeg has some great things and folks to offer but it is really Eadha that keeps her so rooted. Finding a work space that cares so deeply for its employees and community is rare and not to be taken for granted! Besides, she is possibly more sourdough than human after all this time. Note that this is not listed under “tragedies,” but rather “perks.” If you’ve tried the sourdough, you'll understand why.


20-Something gender confused black woman respected in the workplace; that's a header you never thought you'd read. When Tamika's not busy 'getting this bread' you can find her in the streets of Winnipeg informing the public that colonialism is the worlds gravest tragedy. Her & her fury counterpart, Frida Afeni Kahlo, slay white devils on a daily basis with their Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. With a Taurus sun & Scorpio moon, stubbornness may be Tamika's one and only flaw. Don't be afraid, her bite is much worse than her bark.


Name: Jesse

Sign: Aquarius

Jungian Test: ISTJ

Bio: I do a lil this, a lil that.

Key Words: Boxing, Sleeping, Snacks.


"I just work here"

RAE HUTTON - Delivery Driver & Boss Gopher

Rae is a quiet one.


I have made a home out of pie crust and fruit… don’t let people tell you not to do that… ‘don’t make things important’ they’ll say ... but sometimes ‘things’ are important… soft, worn out quilts, and holey socks… hot cups of coffee, music and handmade mittens… it's ok to live there sometimes… in the comforting spaces between