Tel: 204-783-3064

Winnipeg, MB



We Are Open!

We've been selling bread at farmers markets and through our Bread Share since July 2016, and have just moved into our new bakery which allows for a small amount of retail space. Come visit us 5 days a week:

Tuesday - Friday 7am-5pm

Saturday 8am-5pm

577 Ellice Ave (between Sherbrook and Furby)

We often sell out of some of our Menu Items, phone ahead to check for availability and to set aside an order!


Weekly Menu

Tuesday-Saturday You can expect our Basic, Whole Wheat, and Prairie Sun Sourdough Loaves, as well as an assortment of sweet and savoury twists, pie, and cakes.

Daily Specials:

Tuesday: Sesame Crusted, 100% Spelt 

Wednesday: Rye Sourdough (Heavy & Light)

Thursday: Onion Poppy & Sesame

Friday: Ciabatta Buns, Seedy Buckwheat & Bread Share Special (see Bread Share page for weekly menu)

Saturday: Ciabatta Buns, Cinnamon Raisin, Green Olive, Vegan Pastries

VEGAN OPTIONS: All of our regular bread is vegan. We have vegan pastry options daily, but amp it up on Saturdays.

Our Ingredients

All of the ingredients used in our regular breads are grown and processed in the Prairies and over 90% of them are certified organic.

Our Bread
Flour Water Salt

We are committed to being all sourdough all the time. This means that all of our products are leavened using only wild yeast and long fermentation times. Fermenting dough for 18-24+ hours breaks down phytates in the grain, making minerals more absorbable and making gluten more digestible. The long fermentation process combined with our commitment to using the highest quality local and organic ingredients means that the bread also tastes really good. Our high-hydration recipes produce bread with a chewy, moist interior, preserved by a firm caramely crust.